Theresa ONeil

A Proven Track Record in Marketing and as a Software Executive

Theresa ONeilWith more twenty-five years in software strategy, marketing, sales, and business development, I’ve led marketing strategies that have grown an 11 person start-up to a $1B powerhouse and positioned two other software companies for successful acquisition. Equally comfortable in start-ups, mid-size companies, and global technology leaders such as IBM, I bring together people and resources to drive success.

Leveraging Available Resources for the Best Results

Every company has a budget and must prioritize marketing funds across geographies, product lines, and target audiences. Whatever the budget, I leverage available resources to deliver measurable results. I understand technology, the people who love technology, and the people who buy technology. My passion is taking complex ideas and distilling them to their essence. I sift through what’s cool to communicate what people will pay money for.


Today I’m leading marketing initiatives that support software buying behavior by increasing positive virtual presence using social media as well as more traditional marketing tactics. I’m driving programs to grow and continually refine a marketing database through inbound marketing, rich web content, and progressive profiling.

Strategy and Planning

I’ve helped teams at large and small companies develop strategies to transition them to the next level of success. At ShowCase, I led the initiative to expand beyond AS/400 to a multi-platform portfolio. At IBM, I led the strategy team that united the strategies and messaging for storage software across two business units.

Sales and Business Development

I’m not a PowerPoint marketer or an ivory-tower strategist. I’ve carried a bag and delivered significant revenue, both directly as a sales person and indirectly through partner programs. My understanding of the realities of sales and business development buys me credibility and collaboration among sales executives and improves the effectiveness of my marketing programs. I also understand the complexities of working with platform vendors such as Microsoft and know how to access and leverage resources available to ISVs. As SVP of Business Development, I helped InRule Technology achieve its Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status and become the first and only ISV in its space to be Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We built and executed a partner plan that continues to deliver incremental revenue.

Yoga and Meditation

Theresa Yoga in SedonaI’m also a student and teacher of yoga and meditation. I bring the same qualities of flexibility, strength, and clarity to my business work, working to uncover the truth that sometimes hides under the illusions we create. Click here to find out more.

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