Prosperity Mosaic℠ Business Planning


Particularly as companies transition from one stage to another, it’s easy to have a blurred vision, comprised of the old vision and some ideas of what the new vision may be. You may have reached your original vision and goals: where do you go from here? And how do you get there?

Software companies cannot succeed with excellent products alone; you must integrate sales, marketing, business development, and product development to deliver whole products to customers through the right channels. Driven by Software as a Service, software product lifecycles are becoming shorter and shorter, as vendors have the ability to deliver incremental releases to increase competitive edge. Today’s software companies requires the Prosperity Mosaic for business planning.

Mosaic BirdThe Artha Prosperity Mosaic℠ approach for business planning begins with a clear vision for prosperity, then uses an iterative and incremental development process for business planning, much like the Agile development methodology. Artha helps you see the many components that must be pieced together for a full picture, a rich Mosaic that is unique to you, your company, and your leadership. The Mosaic approach provides you with the plans, skills, and tools that you need to stand out in today’s marketplace.

Artha Communications leads executives and managers through the process of creating or refreshing business plans at the organizational, department, or product level. The planning process includes:

  • Organizational health assessment
  • Marketplace assessment
  • Vision and Mission development
  • Goals, Strategies, and Plans, including product management planning
  • Metrics
  • Communications

The Prosperity Mosaic approach gives you and your leadership team the tools and confidence you need to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace.

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