Marketing Mosaic℠ Planning

Many software businesses struggle with finding new ways to articulate the unique value they bring to the marketplace, improve awareness and to generate leads in a cost effective manner.

shutterstock_126923927Marketing has changed rapidly in recent years as our inboxes became flooded with emails and as social media evolved from a way for kids to share funny cat photos to an effective business-to-business marketing tool. Gone are the days when a trade-show was the single gem to deliver quality leads. Gone also are the solid lines separating marketing and sales, as technology companies focus on “customer experience,” and customer-facing systems that blend marketing, sales, and support.

shutterstock_95756767Today, successful marketing incorporates traditional tactics like trade shows along with social media, permission-based marketing, and other innovative tactics to not only reach prospects, but to engage them.  Effective marketing is a Marketing Mosaic℠, a richer, deeper approach to reaching and connecting with your audiences through the seamless integration of old and new tactics to engage customers. The Marketing Mosaic℠ approach will help you understand and practice new ways of marketing that will bring you results.

Artha Communications helps organizations transition from a traditional single-gem approach to marketing to a Mosaic approach. While each organization is unique, Artha employs a structured yet flexible, proven approach for marketing transformation that often includes working with the management team to:

  • Analyze current marketing strategy and execution, operational metrics
  • Understand buyer behavior
  • Develop a branding and messaging platform for each target market
  • Create a go to market plan that fits your budget
  • Introduce or mature product management best practices
  • Select agencies
  • Develop and manage metrics
  • Direct the transformation process, working with your staff (and agencies)

The Marketing Mosaic approach integrates old and new strategies and tactics to engage prospects and customers, helping you understand and practice new ways of marketing that will bring you measurable results.

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