Mosaic Executive Communications Strategy

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” —George Bernard Shaw

Crossed wiresIn today’s technology market, strong communication skills are key to growing revenue. Leaders must be able to articulate a company’s vision for prosperity in a way that will provide employees with clarity and inspiration. Executive team members need to collaborate and negotiate to shape and execute the company vision and plans. You compete for a prospective customer’s attention through communications.  Are you saying what you mean to say? Is anyone listening?

The Cost of Poor Communications

Poor communication skills often result in messages that are “lost in translation,” requiring additional time and money to correct the perception gap. New features are added to products that don’t meet the marketplace need. Marketing campaigns don’t resonate with prospects. Employees make poor decisions because they can’t see the bigger picture. Business decisions are made using information, logic, and intuition (your “gut”). Strong communicators ensure that their listeners comprehend the correct information, ensuring better business decisions.

The Complete Story

As a leader, you need to have confidence that your team provides you with complete information; likewise your team must be confident that they have the information they need to be effective. Do people in your leadership team speak openly, honestly and respectfully? Are you able to make decisions in meetings or are major decisions predicated on multiple back room conversations? Does your leadership team work as a team, united in working toward a clearly articulated and commonly understood vision and goals?

Bringing the Pieces Together

Team CommunicationsStrong executive communication skills are the glue of a leadership team: the grout that pulls all the “tiles” together to create your Prosperity Mosaic. Communications link planning with execution; sales with marketing; marketing with product; executives with employees; you with your customers.

Through the Artha Mosaic planning process, we will help you and your leadership team craft communications that engage your organization. We’ll provide you and your team with the skills necessary to ensure the entire business has the good information for better business decisions.

“Did I hear you right?”

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