Clients and Recommendations

Michelle Edelman“Theresa is a bright and spirited person. She is both creative and technical, and it always astounded me how much work she could do while influencing so much else around her. She became my model for being a working manager—someone is accountable for her own duties and to-do list while managing others and giving her all to them while they’re in her office. The passion she applies to her job is unmatched.” 

Michelle Edelman, President NYCA
Worked for Theresa at Platinum Technology (acquired by CA)

“Had a wonderful experience at the meditation seminar today. After the first 2 minutes my back, shoulders and neck already felt better (I guess that is where I carry my stress!) and I found that I was able to concentrate a lot easier. I will try to include meditation going forward as a daily part of my life.”

Meditation at Work workshop participant

Jon Prial 2

“Theresa was the executive in charge of Marketing when I ran the IBM Enterprise Content Management business. She was technically and customer savvy, creative in all her approaches to our programs and was able to bring a strong discipline across our marketing processes.”  

Jon Prial, Georgian Partners
Managed Theresa at IBM

“Theresa was pivotal to our success at TrelliSoft. She brings a very high level of energy and enthusiasm to her work that is contagious. She is an incredibly capable and extremely intelligent person who brings a wide diversity of skills and experience to every task she attacks. At TrelliSoft Theresa developed our marketing, sales development and customer development programs as well as directed and focused all our outward facing analyst programs and press strategies. Theresa has a rich history in all aspects of marketing, sales and product development as well. I really enjoyed working with Theresa and I highly recommend her.”

Steve Donovan, CEO Honusoft
Worked with Theresa as CEO of TrelliSoft, acquired by IBM and as SVP and Chief of Technology at Platinum Technology (acquired by CA)


Scott McPeek“I have known and worked with Theresa at a number of companies and she has always shown the value of Marketing done well. What has impressed me most about Theresa is her ability to establish contacts within the industry, with analysts and others to further the message of the company. She was a huge asset at TrelliSoft, since we were a very small company, but that was not how we came across due to the efforts of Theresa.” 

Scott McPeek
Worked with Theresa as CIO TrelliSoft (acquired by IBM) and as CIO of Platinum Technology (acquired by CA)

Paul Hesser“Theresa is a well-rounded marketing executive with demonstrated competencies in marketing communications, product marketing and product management.”

Paul Hesser, COO, MBS Development
Worked with Theresa as VP of Services at ShowCase Corporation (acquired by SPSS)