Artha Communications provides marketing, business planning, and executive communication services to help your software company envision, plan for, and live in prosperity. Based on software veteran Theresa ONeil’s 20+ year track record of success in growing revenues for software companies and customized for your company’s unique strengths, challenges, and desires, the Artha Mosaic Approach uses proven methods to provide you with the plans, skills, and tools that you need to stand out in today’s marketplace.

Portuguese Street MosaicMarketing Mosaic Today, successful marketing incorporates traditional tactics like trade shows along with social media, permission-based marketing, and other innovative tactics to not only reach prospects, but also engage them.  The Artha Marketing Mosaic approach integrates old and new strategies and tactics to engage prospects and customers, helping you understand and practice new ways of marketing that will bring you measurable results.

Prosperity Mosaic Business Planning The Artha Prosperity Mosaic approach for business planning begins with a clear vision for prosperity, then uses an iterative and incremental development process for business planning, much like the Agile development methodology. The Prosperity Mosaic approach gives you and your leadership team the tools and confidence to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace.


Communications NetworkExecutive Communications Strong executive communication skills are the glue of a leadership team: communications link planning with execution; sales with marketing; marketing with product; executives with employees; you with your customers. Through the Artha Mosaic planning process, we will provide you and your team with the skills necessary to ensure the entire business has the right information for better business decisions.